Plastic Escher Lizard Darwin Plastic Makers Space is a community workshop providing education and hands on experiences working with waste plastic to create and continue diverting waste plastic from landfill.

The challenges around reducing waste plastics in our environment are huge and can become overwhelming very quickly.  To address this, we chose to break down the torrent of plastic produced and thrown away each day in Darwin to streams we can effectively manage.

Plastic bottle lids were chosen because they are not currently collected by large recycling companies and most end up in landfill or the environment because they are so small and easily discarded. They are also easy for people to collect and because they are mostly made from plastics we can recycle, they provide excellent creative and learning opportunities.

The end goal is to encourage all Australians to take responsibility for their own plastic waste by providing education, tools, resources, and support to divert plastics from landfill into practical use.

DPMS is run by volunteers with a committee of management, also all volunteers.